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Call for entries!

The Union of Moscow architects invites professionals to the participation in The Open Architectural and Town-planning Competition “The Activation of the Kazan City Urban Functions in the Water Area of the Volga Bend”.

Kazan is a large city in the Volga region with a picturesque landscape and a rich variety of coastal zones. The embankment in a complex with a river facade forms the river gate to the city. However, inefficient use in combination with various unfavourable factors leads to the isolation of the coastal zones from the city itself and turns them – instead of being potential points of attraction – into desolate spaces with an unfavourable environment.

The Locomotive Peninsula was formed as a result of land flooding by the waters of the artificial Kuibyshev Reservoir in 1957. To protect the city, the dams were built. A pedestrian embankment was arranged together with the places for a mass recreation of the population.

Over the years, the territory has fallen into decay and lost its attractiveness because of the isolation produced by railways. Today its use is limited.

The Competition is arranged to get a conceptual, structural and functional spatial organisation of the territory in the water area of the Volga bend. The new spaces should include a developed recreational component and be rich of public, tourist and cultural-sports functions.

The Competition is held within the framework of the International Festival “Eco-Shore”. The Festival is a unique international annual project devoted to the innovative ideas of the urban, architecture and design development of coastal areas.

Founder and Organiser: Union of Moscow architects (Russia)

Location: Kazan City (Russia)

Registration deadline: August 17, 2018

Projects submission deadline: September 21, 2018

Registration fee: 80 euro

The Competition's Organising Committee looks forward to continuing a constructive dialogue between the professionals in the field and society on the topic of "Architecture and Water" and invites architects and urban planners to the participation in Competition and the programme of the Festival “Eco-Shore”.


Competition programme

Contact information

Coordinator of the Competiton - Elena Zhilnikova

Тел.: +7 (495) 697-77-84


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