Sochi 2023, 14-16 sept.    

International Architecture Festival

+7 (495) 697-77-84
+7 (929) 538-84-60   
The Union of Moscow Architects. Moscow, Granatny per., 7 Registration


10.00 –10.20 Registration for the conference.
Welcome address to participants of the conference. 
Speaker: Elbey Qasimzade (Azerbaijan)/ President of the UAA  

10.30 –10.45 Modern requirements to architecture and urban development in Azerbaijan
Speaker: Fegan Aliyev (Azerbaijan)/ Doctor, Professor, Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering of Azerbaijan State University of Architecture and Construction

10.45–11.00 “KNAUF materials in the architecture of coastal territories of Sochi”.
Speaker: Los Leonid Marjanovic/ Head of corporate communications department,  Knauf CIS Group

11.00–11.20 “From green building to Nature-integrated architecture. Principles of regeneration and preservation space”. 

Speaker:  Victor Logvinov (Russia)/  Corresponding member of RAASN, First Vice-President of the Union of Architects of Russia

11.20 –11.35 “KNAUF matirials in the architecture of coastal territories of Baku”.

Speaker:  Samir Guliyev/ General Director "Knauf Marketing Baku" LLC

11.35–11.45  "Regeneration abandoned industrial complexes and port infrastructure at the examples of Arco Projekt projects."
Speaker:  Petar Arsich (Serbia)/ Professor, doctor, engineer, architect 

11.45–11.55 “Formation of the aesthetic urban environment by means of lighting”.
Speaker: Alexey Suglob/ General Director of OOO"SAROS-SVET M" 

11.55–12.10 “Smart city strategies for the regeneration of industrial areas”.
Speaker: Massimiliano Baquè (Italy)/ Co-founder of 3M+R studio architetto 

12.10–12.30 Сoffee-break 

12.30–12.45 “Marinas - myths and modernity”.
Speaker: Grishin Nikolay (Russia)/ Advisor Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, chief engineer of AO "GOR PROJECT" 

12.45–12.55 “New technologies and materials in construction”. 
Speaker: Firus Jaschajew/ Technical Director, Alfa Vita Life Science GmbH

12.55– 13.20 "Reconstruction of the square in the old center of Tbilisi".
Speaker: Nikolos Abashidze (Georgia)/ Deputy Chairman of the Union of Architects of Georgia

13.20–13.35 "Redevelopment of the waterfront. an Italian experience"
Speaker: Matteo A.V. Fugazza (Italy)/  Chief Architect - SAFmilano, Partner & Business Developer Director - GARDENESK srl 

13.35–13.40 Presentation of company “VEKA”
Speaker: Sebuhi Nuriyev/ Regional manager of "VEKA Rus" in Azerbaijan 

Conference schedule:
Keynote presentations: 10-15 minutes
Presentations of partner companies: 5-15 minutes

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